I recently had the pleasure of visiting Gem Life + Bar in Pitman, New Jersey. More than just New Jersey’s first alcohol-free bottle shop and bar, Gem Life is also a wellness boutique featuring a selection of unique and modern products including jewelry, crystals, bath salts, and incense.

The shop feels warm and inviting: spacious enough to get lost in the sea of ornate and colorful bottles, but cozy and intimate enough to quickly find your favorites if you’re in a hurry. During my visit, while I took time to leisurely peruse the shelves, several shoppers who appeared to be “regulars” stopped in. Each one walked directly to their product of choice and checked out within a matter of minutes.

The shop’s inventory is impressive. Nearly half of the store is dedicated to nonalcoholic wines, beers, and liquors. Some of the brands featured in the store I was already familiar with, like Ritual. Several others were new to me like the Nolow Botanical Distillate, a French gin infused with mint and lemon.

True to Gem Life’s wellness brand, the boutique also includes craft nonalcoholic liquors with adaptogens and nootropics, like the Dromme Calm Zero Proof Elixir and the hemp infused The Pathfinder. For those looking for drink options that don’t imitate spirits, the shop has a wide array of CBD infused seltzers and other botanical rich drinks.

The shop also features an eye-catching bar area in the far corner. As I chatted with the store manager during my visit, she mentioned that Gem Life offers a variety of events and that the bar is utilized frequently in drink making demonstrations. She was extremely knowledgeable and even offered me a sample of Ritual’s Tequila at the bar.

A beautiful neon sign and floral arrangement hangs above the bar area.

After one more quick look at all of the offerings, I landed on a six pack of Untitled Art’s S’Mores Dark Brew, a rich and creamy stout-like beer, and All the Bitter’s New Orleans Style Bitter. Not wanting to return home without something for my husband, I also bought a couple single cans from Athletic Brewing Co., a Light Copper and a Golden.

Gem Life is many things: a nonalcoholic bottle shop, a bar, a boutique, a wellness brand, and an event space. This South Jersey specialty shop goes above and beyond by also offering a sense of community. From the friendly and informative staff who emit a welcoming and nonjudgemental aura, to social events focused on health, education, and fun, Gem Life provides a fresh and inviting experience for the sober and sober-curious alike.


You can find out more about Gem Life + Bar at their website https://gemlifecollective.com. Gem Life has two locations in South Jersey: one in Pitman, NJ and one in Collingswood, NJ.

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