Below is an excerpt from my journal on Exodus 16 and community.


30 January 2021

Exodus 16. The story about manna. The instruction to the Israelites was to take only what each person needed each night. No more, no less. For the people who didn’t listen and hoarded more than they needed, when they woke up, the leftover manna started to smell and was full of maggots. Today, for those who have hoarded more than they needed, morning is coming.

Why do people hoard more than they need? Because they don’t believe that God will take care of their needs. The truth is, when we all step into our unique gifts and the things that “make our heart sing”, our needs will be taken care of. When we utilize our gifts for ourselves AND the greater good of the community and each other, our needs will be met. Why? Because we are God. We take care of our own and each other’s needs with our gifts. When we do that, then there’s no desire or “need” to hoard. No desire to take more than we need. Because we are all playing the part that we came here to play. You do for your neighbor the thing you can’t do. Your neighbor does for you the thing you can’t do. There is balance between the individual and the group.


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