Shiny and lustrous fluorite is a calcium crystal that can bring balance and clarity to many different areas of your life. This genius stone has a strong energy cleansing effect and can even help you with both individual and group energy clearings. Fluorite crystal has a positive impact on your subconscious mind, eradicating negative thoughts and excess energy. Fluorite affirmations can easily enhance your spiritual practice.

Use the 111 positive affirmations below on a daily basis in your meditations, upon waking, going to sleep, or when charging your fluorite gemstones.

Affirmations for any color of fluorite:

  1. I am radiant
  2. I transmute negative energy into positive energy
  3. I am grounded by truth and meaning
  4. My spiritual path is illuminated in front of me
  5. I have peace of mind
  6. I love myself and others
  7. I have mental clarity
  8. I allow light into my life
  9. My third eye is open
  10. My intuition is clear
  11. Out with the old, in with the new
  12. I choose optimism
  13. I am healthy and whole
  14. My aura is bright
  15. My environment is balanced
  16. I send loving energy to those around me
  17. My energy is cleansed
  18. I am in control of my life
  19. My body is detoxified
  20. I have everything I need
  21. I am mindful of my actions and words
  22. I allow astral energy into my life
  23. My aura is shining and bright
  24. I am a master manifestor
  25. My crown chakra is open and balanced
  26. I am excited for new beginnings
  27. My intentions are strong and clear
  28. I have clarity of mind
  29. I honor what is sacred within me
  30. My body is functioning in pure health
  31. My vision is pure
  32. I can navigate life with ease
  33. My future is bright
  34. My chakra column is activated
  35. All is well

Fluorite affirmations for clear fluorite or rainbow fluorite:

  1. I trust my intuition
  2. My third eye chakra is balanced
  3. My clairvoyance is strong and clear
  4. I honor my truth
  5. My psychic abilities are strengthening
  6. I see clearly
  7. I listen to my gut
  8. I value truth
  9. I trust the messages I receive
  10. I know

Pink fluorite:

  1. My heart chakra is healthy and open
  2. I allow love into my life
  3. I love and accept myself for who I am
  4. Self love is easy for me
  5. My relationships are in harmony
  6. I deserve fulfilling friendships
  7. I love who I see in the mirror
  8. My heart is full of joy
  9. I allow laughter into my life
  10. I love to love

Fluorite affirmations for black fluorite:

  1. I am shielded from negative energies
  2. I am protected at all times
  3. My spirit guides and angels surround me
  4. I shift my energy to calmed state
  5. I am relaxed
  6. Any problem in my life can be solved
  7. I return all of my energy back to me clean and clear
  8. I am connected to Mother Earth
  9. I am calm in the face of adversity
  10. Life is good
  11. My sleep is peaceful and uninterrupted

Purple fluorite:

  1. I am pure consciousness
  2. I am one with source
  3. I am in connection with my higher self
  4. I listen to my spirit guides and angels
  5. My soul star chakra is open and balanced
  6. I allow a Higher Power into my life
  7. I am divine
  8. I receive the information I need
  9. My inner wisdom guides me
  10. I am claircognizant

Affirmations for blue fluorite:

  1. My throat chakra is open and balanced
  2. I speak my mind with ease
  3. I am an idea mastermind
  4. I have clear communication
  5. My clairaudience is clear
  6. I am an artist
  7. I express myself with ease
  8. My style is unique
  9. My opinions are valuable
  10. My words matter

Green fluorite:

  1. My mind and heart are connected
  2. I release grief
  3. My emotions and thoughts are in balance
  4. I allow joy into my life
  5. I know my truth
  6. I am happy and whole
  7. I am joyful about where my life is going
  8. I am worthy of love
  9. My heart knows the answer
  10. My body knows exactly what food it needs for health

Fluorite affirmations for yellow fluorite:

  1. I am energized
  2. I am powerful
  3. I am worthy
  4. I am a high achiever
  5. Success is my birthright
  6. I am valuable and important
  7. I overcome any obstacle in my path
  8. I have the energy to accomplish everything I intend to do
  9. My solar plexus chakra is healthy
  10. I am ambitious and determined
  11. I take inspired action to meet my goals
  12. I am confident
  13. I know which decisions I need to make
  14. I am a warrior
  15. I am strong and resilient

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