You may already be familiar with many different types of witches, such as green witches, traditional witches, kitchen witches, solitary witches, hereditary witches, elemental witches, and hedge witches, but what is a secular witch? The term ‘secular witch’ is relatively new and is becoming increasingly popular among spiritual circles. So what exactly does it mean to be a practicing witch in this form of witchcraft? This article will explore why the secular perspective is absolutely compatible with the mysterious path of witchcraft.

A secular witch is someone who practices witchcraft without any allegiance to any one particular religious system or belief structure. However, their practice might include elements from different belief systems, such as Wicca, Celtic paganism, Buddhism, or Shamanism. For secular witches, spirituality is more about personal experiences than doctrine; they are more focused on connecting with the divine (however they choose to define that) or spirit world (if they believe it exists) through their own unique practices rather than following any set of rules dictated by an organized religion. 

Secular witches often create their own rituals, spells, and ceremonial magic that reflect their individual beliefs and goals in life. These secular witchcraft rituals might involve chanting, singing, meditating, dancing, drumming, crystal work, or using herbs and essential oils – anything that helps the practitioner set their sacred space, connect with their inner power, and tap into the energies of the natural world around them. Secular witches may also embrace divination tools such as tarot cards and runes as ways to gain insight into their lives and make better decisions about the future. 

Many secular witches also utilize the Wheel of the Year in their practice, just as many other modern witches do. Some secular witches also feel a strong connection to the moon cycle and utilize the full moon or new moon in their rituals.

Secular witchcraft is all about the personal experience

One thing that sets secular witches apart from the variety of other witchcraft traditions is their focus on personal growth and healing rather. This focus on self-growth means that secular witches often devote time to exploring topics like meditation techniques, mindfulness practices, energy healing modalities like Reiki or Pranic Healing, yoga or other movement-based practices such as tai chi. All these activities help the practitioner become more in tune with themselves and their environment so they can use this knowledge for positive change in their lives as well as in society at large. 

Becoming a secular witch involves more than just learning spells; it involves developing your own understanding of what spiritual power means to you while also seeking out ways to grow personally and positively affect those around you. It is a way of life. Ultimately, it’s about building your own path without needing to stick to any particular religious practices or religious beliefs. This is a highly individualized witchcraft practice that does not require years of practice, it only requires understanding the basics of witchcraft and the desire to make this part of your personal journey. This path is suitable for those with years of experience in other forms of witchcraft and beginner witches alike.

It’s an exciting path full of exploration into yourself and your surroundings that can lead to profound changes in how you view yourself and your place in the world! If you feel called toward this path of exploration then what are you waiting for? Start today!