If you just bought a new hematite crystal from your favorite spiritual shop, you may be wondering what hematite affirmations you can use as you activate this gem.

This beautiful hematite crystal, which is sometimes confused with black tourmaline, is connected to your root chakra as well as Mother Earth. It’s a great stone of protection from negative energy and can keep you centered in times of stress. Carry a hematite crystal with you if you are dealing with negative thoughts to help you stay in the present moment.

Hematite is also a powerful aid in your meditation practice to help with your self confidence and self esteem as it helps provide a sense of security and excellent grounding.

Use these 100 powerful affirmations in your spiritual practice with your new hematite crystal.

Affirmations for grounding and strength

  1. I am grounded.
  2. I am protected from negative energies.
  3. My physical body is strong and healthy.
  4. My energy field is clean and clear.
  5. This hematite allows my mind to have quiet time.
  6. My root chakra is balanced.
  7. Mother Earth is a source of inspiration.
  8. I welcome better health into my life.
  9. I emit positive energy.
  10. My guides and angels protect me.
  11. My inner strength gives me power.
  12. I love and appreciate this bountiful earth.
  13. My root chakra provides stability for my solar plexus chakra.
  14. I am in deep thought.
  15. I invite in pain relief.
  16. I trust myself and my decisions.
  17. My inner power grows stronger every day.
  18. I can see my life path before me.
  19. I am worthy.
  20. My personal power allows me to succeed.
  21. I breathe in calm, I breathe out stress.
  22. There is a protective force field around me.
  23. My mind is calm and still.
  24. I am rooted to the earth.
  25. I am calm in the face of anxiety.
  26. I have authority.
  27. I am a trusted leader.
  28. The earth nourishes me.
  29. I am protected from harm.
  30. I love everything that Gaia gives me.
  31. I am independent.
  32. I belong in my community.
  33. I am safe at all times.
  34. My aura is surrounded by a protective shield.
  35. I am grounded in the present moment.
  36. Calmness is my natural state.
  37. I have everything I need.
  38. I deserve safety and security.
  39. I am loved and protected.
  40. I bring peace to my community.
  41. The Universe is working in my favor.
  42. I live in balance with nature.
  43. Mother Earth transmutes my negative energies into positive energies.
  44. I trust myself.
  45. I make choices in alignment with my true path.
  46. My past does not define me.
  47. I gratefully receive.
  48. I am financially secure.
  49. I am fearless.
  50. I trust my higher self.
  51. I am stable.
  52. My food provides all of the nutrients I need.
  53. I thank Mother Earth for clean water and clean air.
  54. My energy is balanced.
  55. I release anxiety and depression.
  56. I am courageous and brave.
  57. My ancestors walk with me on my path.
  58. I am protected from natural disasters.
  59. I transmute and release negative karma.
  60. The seeds I sow bloom beautifully.
  61. I have healthy relationships with my family.
  62. I allow myself to rest and relax.
  63. I am connected to my loved ones.
  64. I let go of what I no longer need.
  65. My legs and feet are strong and healthy.
  66. I have enough.
  67. I am mindful in the present moment.
  68. I trust the Universe.
  69. I release overwhelm, anxiety, and stress.
  70. I am on control.
  71. I am at home wherever I am.
  72. I am fulfilling my life’s purpose
  73. I am guided by my spirit team.
  74. I know my higher purpose.
  75. I welcome abundance and prosperity into my life.
  76. I release fears and phobias.
  77. I feel secure in my relationships.
  78. I thoroughly enjoy life
  79. I break the chains of failure.
  80. My body is a divine temple.
  81. I always choose what is right for me.
  82. I am supported by those around me.
  83. My back and spine are strong.
  84. I am part of the interconnected web of life.
  85. I am who I am.
  86. I feel energized and alive.
  87. I am open to opportunities.
  88. I love my body.
  89. I provide loving support to others.
  90. I protect Mother Earth.
  91. I feel the earth beneath my feet.
  92. I root chakra is connected to my crown chakra.
  93. I am happy and whole.
  94. I am healthy and radiant.
  95. I deserve to feel good on a daily basis.
  96. I make good choices every day.
  97. I live a healthy lifestyle.
  98. My future is bright.
  99. I invest in myself.
  100. I am in love with life.

Use these powerful hematite affirmations today!