If you’ve found your way to Highly Spiritual Person, there’s a good chance you’re probably somewhere on the healing journey.

As you already know, healing is a lifelong journey, it’s not linear, it’s messy, it’s difficult, and it has its ups and downs. It’s a lot.

And while it’s important to keep up with the therapy appointments, and take care of your physical health and do your spiritual work, and practice healthy boundaries and build your support system, and do your shadow work and inner child work and EFT and the whole shebang…

It’s also good to take a break from healing.

After all, burning out from healing would kind of defeat the purpose wouldn’t it?

I get it. You want to keep going. You’re seeing progress. You’re doing better. You’re looking happier. You’re feeling happier.

And while you know you set a goal to journal every single morning and meditate every single night and practice your affirmations at lunch..,

Maybe you need a little break from focusing on healing right now. Maybe that journal and that meditation pillow will still be there tomorrow or the day after.

Actually, maybe it’s okay to take some time to just be in the moment. (That is the definition of mindfulness after all, isn’t it?)

It’s okay to take some time to not think about healing and just enjoy life as the current version of you. The version of you that did a shit ton of focused healing so you COULD enjoy life today.

You deserve some time off.

Take a moment. Think about how far you’ve come.

And maybe take a day or two, maybe even a week to focus on something else. Have some (safe, healthy) fun. And then come back to it and see how you feel.

You’ll be glad you did. ✨