My Journey with Inspired Writing and Today's Session with Archangel Gabriel

Writing has always been a part of my life, but my journey with inspired writing started a few years ago. 

If you are exploring spirituality you may have come across various people who channel. Channeling is a tradition that’s thousands of years old and can be found in just about every religion in the world. Channelers communicate with a being or energy – typically a deity, angel, ancestor, or spirit – and pass along messages or information. 

I was always intrigued by channelling, if not a bit skeptical. 

There’s channelers who claim to speak with alien races like the Arcturians and the Pleiadians. There’s also those who talk to archangels and ascended masters. Others speak with deities – like Jesus Christ. There’s even some who claim to speak with Mother Mary. A fairly famous example of this is the Medjugorje Marian apparitions and the six people who claim to receive a message for the world from her every month. (You can read all those messages from 1980 to today online here.)

Because I’m a bit of a “fuck around and find out” type of person, I decided to learn more about channeling more in-depth and try it myself.

I did some exploring, talked to people who channel, and learned the basics and some techniques.

Eventually, I was ready to try it out myself. The first few sessions were entirely uneventful, but relaxing. 

After a few weeks of practice though, things started to shift.

I would sit down in front of my altar, go into a meditative state, set the intention to connect with my spirit guides, and after a few minutes, I would feel electricity pouring down my crown and spine. The tingling wasn’t uncomfortable, but it was intense

Then, words would pop into my head and I would be compelled to write them down in my journal. 

I would read back what I wrote down and would be stunned. It was often moving,  inspiring, motivational, and loving.

One session in particular, the physical sensations were so extraordinary and the writing was so impactful that I wept.

What is this?


Instead of channeling, I see the automatic writing I do as “inspired writing“.

In my view, inspired writing is more of a creation that is inspired by – rather than written by – a certain energy. It is a co-creation.

After all, I believe that all the answers we seek are ultimately inside of us.

While our ancestors, spirit guides, angels, archangels, galactic guides – whatever or whoever you connect with – are always there to help us, I believe that all of these beings are essentially aspects of us that we can call on at any time. 


I had an interesting dream a few days ago.

I was going on a journey. This journey brought me into this huge building with hundreds, if not thousands, of rooms. I was searching through these rooms, taking the elevator up and down the building, trying to find something. 

What was I trying to find?

Archangel Gabriel statue

I didn’t know.

Eventually, I found this very large room. There were people milling around and a woman approached me.

She was an artist. She handed me this ornate glass statue of Archangel Gabriel. It was gorgeous and I immediately put it in my bag for safe keeping.

I didn’t know much about Archangel Gabriel, though. And I usually talk to Metatron, my favorite archangel, so I asked the artist, “Do you have a statue of Metatron?”

And she said, “No, this one is for you.

And then I woke up.


Inspired Writing with Archangel Gabriel 

Below is inspired writing from connecting with the Archangel Gabriel energy on 10/23/23. I talked to Archangel Gabriel about some issues I was having with weight loss and self image. I am sharing this in case it resonates or helps others. Take what you need, leave the rest:


The love you have for yourself is the most important love in the world.

This love becomes the template for every relationship you will experience.

If you can change the way you love yourself, you can change the way others love you.

When in doubt look in the mirror.

What do you see?

Are you able to look at yourself with pure love the way God looks at you?

That should be your goal.

Anything less than that is less than you deserve.


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